Nurtured Music upholds the ideals and philosophy of Dr. Suzuki, founder of the Suzuki Method. Children learn violin through weekly private lessons as well as weekly group lessons. The parent’s willingness to devote time daily to work with their child nurtures motivation and ensures success.


Students learn to play by using a repertoire purposefully selected by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki that allows for sequential development of musical and technical ability. The teacher and parent ensure that the child master one step at a time to guarantee success. Because of their active involvement, it is necessary for the same parent to attend all lessons in order to know how to serve as the "home teacher." When the child starts lessons, a segment of the lesson is used for parent education which is designed to further the parent's understanding of the Suzuki philosophy and approach to learning.

Elements of the Nurtured Music Program

Daily Listening
Parents provide their child ample opportunities each day for listening to the Suzuki repertoire.

Weekly Private Lessons
Weekly private lessons introduce and refine the student’s individual skills of posture, tone, intonation, articulation, and musicianship. During the lesson, the parent takes notes as the teacher identifies ways to strengthen technical and musical skills. In addition, the parent receives instruction on how to work with and nurture the student during home practice.

Group Lessons
Group lessons reinforce the skills introduced in the private lessons. Group lessons provide students the opportunity to enjoy playing music together and learn how to follow a leader.

Music Reading and Theory
Music reading and theory are taught when a student’s playing posture is secure and the ear has developed the concept of fine tone.

Solo Performances
Solo recitals give students the opportunity to prepare for a performance, work with an accompanist, and develop the art of stage presence.


Lessons are scheduled year round and organized by term: fall, winter, spring, summer. The summer term's schedule is more casual depending on student or teacher travel.

Lesson Tuition

Tuition is paid in advance for each term and is due at the first lesson of the term.


Nurtured Music is not taking any additional students at this time. (Updated May 2020)

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